ABR - Active Botanicals Research

It all starts from a simple cell...

Natural and healthy food, pollutant-free, controlled and pure at the origin, featuring characteristics that are consistently reproducible from batch to batch. This is ABR and much more. A green company focused on the wellbeing of people, always protecting the environment.

A new way of thinking about food and physical wellbeing

ABR produces botanical ingredients without exploiting the environment and without depleting natural resources; it rather uses only pure water in small quantities, mineral salts and sugars to nourish the cells. This is how active botanical ingredients are obtained, free of polluting agents and available in very high concentrations.

Just a single leaf or a single root is enough to obtain large biomass quantities to derive the molecules offered by the plant, in a controlled environment, free of antibiotics, fertilizers and biocides. Not even organic farming products are immune from all this, simply because the environment has unfortunately been affected by the presence of global pollution!

Come to Vitafoods from 9 to 12 May 2017!

Join our world to discover the new way to produce wellbeing molecules for your innovative formulations in the field of food supplements.

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At the trade fair you'll meet

Mr. Alessandro Gandaglia, who holds a University degree in Biological Sciences from University of Padua, Italy. He also holds an international PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He worked in Italy at the University of Padua and in the USA at the University of Southern California. He obtained an MBA and, after several years of professional practice in small, medium and multinational companies, he is currently working as the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at ABResearch.

Sales network

  • Giusto Faravelli S.p.a. – exclusive distributor for Italy, San Marino, Spain and Portugal
    Via Medardo Rosso, 8, 20159 Milano - Phone: +39 02 697171.
  • V.F. Biosciences S.a.s. - exclusive distributor for the Netherland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Flandres (as part of Belgium)
    Parc Eurasanté 310 rue Jules Vallès, 59120 Loos-lez-Lille France – Phone: +33 (0)3 28 55 91 61.
  • Mr. Gilles Trolet, exclusive agent for France, Luxembourg, francophone Switerzand, francophone Belgium.
    Rue des Belles Feuilles, 48 - 75116 Paris – Phone +33 624 295 538.
  • All other areas in EU are directly followed by ABR