ABR | Active Botanicals Research

Active botanical ingredients from plant cell suspension cultures

We preserve natural resources through biotechnology, for the future of people and the planet.

NATRISE® Platform

High production capacity

Plant cell cultures

Large biobank of cell lines

Active botanical ingredients

For any field of application


Saving of natural resources


ABR | Active Botanicals Research

Plant cell suspension cultures for the production of active botanical ingredients.

ABR uses its NATRISE® Biotechnology Platform to produce secondary metabolites for B2B applications in Nutraceutics and Cosmetics, using plant cell suspension cultures.

With the same biotechnology, as part of the Customised solutions division, ABR produces exclusive secondary metabolites specially developed according to the specific objectives of the customers and their project, for any application area.


The NATRISE® Platform

We meet the needs of today's customers while preserving natural resources for tomorrow's generations.

Through its NATRISE® biotechnology platform, ABR extracts and purifies naturally occurring active botanical ingredients and makes them available for nutraceutical formulations and customised projects.

Plant cell suspension culture using NATRISE® produces high-quality, standardised, high-yield active botanical ingredients in a fully controlled environment.
Compared to traditional field cultivation methods, the NATRISE® production process uses fewer natural resources, saving water, cultivated area and energy, and excludes the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

Up to 98%

m³ of water saved per kg of
active botanical ingredient produced

Up to 98,5%

m² of soil saved per kg of
active botanical ingredient produced


kg of pesticides saved per kg of
active botanical ingredient produced


Teupolioside, Verbascoside, Echinacoside

Inspired by nature, driven by biotechnology.

At ABR, scientific research and respect for the environment are inseparable factors. We make our know-how, our NATRISE® Platform and our many years of experience available to nutraceutical supplement manufacturers. We produce both individual active botanical ingredients and formulated products and, in order to meet specific customer design requirements, we develop and produce exclusive secondary metabolites for any field of application.


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