Ajuga reptans extract rich in Teupolioside

For B2B nutraceutical applications

Estratto di Ajuga Reptans

Ajuga reptans

  • Family Lamiaceae
  • Widespread in temperate regions such as Europe, Asia and North America
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties

Ajuga reptans extract rich in Teupolioside.

The polyphenol Teupolioside is obtained from Ajuga reptans. Teupolioside, also known as Lamiuside ‘A’, is a secondary metabolite spontaneously produced by Ajuga reptans for defence purposes, mainly to protect itself against UV radiation.

Its small quantity in the plant, and coexistence with other polyphenols, makes the extraction and purification of this polyphenol by means of traditional industrial methods, difficult. Furthermore, due to the structural complexity of Teupolioside, the chemical synthesis of the molecule is extremely complex and costly, making it difficult to find on the market.

ABR, through its NATRISE® biotechnology platform, produces purified, standardised and highly concentrated Teupolioside from suspended cell cultures of Ajuga reptans.

The production of Teupolioside with NATRISE® safeguards the plant of origin, Ajuga reptans, as only a tiny portion of it is needed to start the cell line. Moreover, production is completely independent of seasonality, climatic changes and the plant’s vegetative cycle and takes place in a controlled, sterile environment.

Natrise Botanicals


Novel Food authorised ingredient.

TEUPOL 10P, TEUPOL 25P and TEUPOL 40P is Teupolioside produced by ABR with the NATRISE® Platform from suspended cell cultures of Ajuga reptans and titrated at 10%, 25% and 40% respectively. TEUPOL 10P / 25P / 40P is a Novel Food certified ingredient.

TEUPOL 10P / 25P / 40P is supplied freeze-dried in 1 kg packs.


NATRISE® Platform (plant cell suspension cultures)

Industry of application

Intended for B2B nutraceutical applications


Teupolioside: applications

Ajuga reptans extract

The use of Teupolioside has been the subject of numerous studies investigating its potential benefits on human health.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Antioxidant properties

Joint support

Well-being of the prostate and urinary tract function

Well-being of the gastrointestinal tract

Antioxidant power of Teupolioside

Clove 314 446
TEUPOL 25P 270 210
Turmeric 159 277
TEUPOL 10P 117 017
Acai berries 102 700
Ginger powder 28 811
Goji berries 25 300
Ginger roots 14 840

Comparison between the ORAC level of Teupoliside-TEUPOL 25P and TEUPOL 10P-and that of certain foods and plants.

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) classification expresses the antioxidant power of foods.

Source: Nutrient Data Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of Selected Foods – 2007 – 2010.

* µM Trolox for 100g food