ABR partnering

With an open-innovation approach, ABR welcomes all the opportunities coming from private labels, pharmaceutical companies, academic and research centers, hospitals and others. ABR partners are invited to share projects at early stage or already under development. The demand for recombinant therapeutic proteins is increasing and ABR makes its proprietary platform avaible to design projects tailored on the customer needs.

ABR proprietary platform represents an innovative system to achieve difficult-to-reproduce human proteins with a standardized profile and fully active for the Diagnostics and at Pharmaceutical grade.

The human proteins produced with ABR technology are almost identical to the original human proteins, characterized by a correct folding and post-translational glycosilation, phosphorylation and disulfide bridging. These characteristics allow the production of proteins overlapping their natural counterpart with a reduced risk of contaminations and potential immunologic reactions compared to proteins produced with common industrial methods.
ABR controlled-environment culture system, avoiding the use of additives of animal origin, preserves the produced protein from endotoxins, viruses, prions and oncogenes presence.

Moreover, ABR platform guarantees a relative short time design and an easy production scale-up with a very competitive price.