ABR ideated a proprietary platform for the production of human recombinant proteins. This method features significant benefits compared to common industrial systems such as microbial, animal and insect cell cultures or GMO open-grown plants.
By using stable gene expression of human proteins in plant cell cultures, ABR produces functionally active recombinant proteins in a controlled and safe environment, avoiding critical potential drawbacks like keeping retroviruses, oncogenes, prions etc in the final product.


Production and Development Process

Bioinformatic techniques enable to manipulate DNA sequences to produce recombinant proteins with increased activity and stability.

ABR approach for recombinant proteins production features advanced vectors systems and the Agrobacterium tumefacens based procedure to obtain permanent transformation of plant cells. Human DNA sequence, codifying for the protein of interest, is cloned and optimized for in-plant cell translation. Moreover, engineered sequences allow to add specific tags for protein purification, sub-cellular targeting or secretion.


Recombinant Proteins Applications

ABR offers flexible custom manufacturing services to produce high quality proteins. The peculiarity of this platform allows the production of recombinant proteins (Cytokines, Enzymes, Antibodies) maintaining the functional structure grade, enzymatic activities and post-translational modifications features that are unlikely obtained by other cell type or microorganism culture systems. Our products may be used in many areas of interest:

  • Life Science consumables
  • Diagnostic reagents for the development of specific diagnostic assays
  • Therapeutic cytokines, enzymes and antibodies supplements
  • Nutrition enzymes for food processing or food supplements