The plant kingdom provides beneficial phytochemicals widely used in pharmaceutics, nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics, food and more. Traditionally, different compounds are produced by culturing and harvesting open-grown plants. However, classical procedures are vulnerable to climatic changes and adversities, water availability, energy requirement and, for certain species, an extensive cultivation is simply not possible. Plant cell culture is the election technology to achieve plant compounds in a fully controlled environment. With this technology, ABR is able to efficiently produce high purity and quality active metabolites, as well as pharmaceutical human recombinant proteins using transformed vegetable cells with a standardized profile.

What are the advantages of a plant cell culture compared to a common agricultural crop?

  • High sustainability with lower resources consumption such as water, soil and energy
  • Scalability and flexibility of the production process
  • Achievement of pure active molecules without contaminants
  • Standardization and full traceability of the products
  • Use of non toxic chemicals throughout the entire production process
  • Independence of the yield from climatic dynamics with consistent repeatibility