TEUPOLIOSIDE: Ajuga reptans extract

Ajuga reptans background

fig.1 - Ajuga reptans
commonly known as Bugle or Carpetweed

Ajuga reptans belongs to the Lamiaceae family that consists of 301 native species of Europe, Asia, Africa and naturalized in Oceania and North America (fig.1). Ancient populations used Ajuga for its considerable medicinal effects. Ethnopharmacological surveys revealed that the whole plant was used in folk medicine but the most of its beneficial characteristics reside mainly in leaves and flowers to counteract fever, hemorrage, biliary disorders, high pulse, ulcers and skin diseases.

Ajuga reptans species is nowadays particularly well known for its antibacterial, antimycotic, astringent, diuretic and antineoplastic properties. The most important active ingredient extracted from Ajuga reptans is the phenylpropanoid TEUPOLIOSIDE.

Teupolioside (known also as Lamiuside “A”) is a secondary metabolite produced by the plant for defensive purposes against environmental agents such as UV radiation. Its scarce quantity in the whole plant is the reason why this ingredient can be hardly secured with classical extraction methods.

ABR developed a biotech platform for the production of Teupolioside from suspension cell culture of Ajuga reptans. Due to the Teupolioside structural complexity, also its chemical synthesis is difficult to achieve and the molecule is rarely procurable on the market for its high production cost and very low yield (fig.2).

TEUPOL 10P and TEUPOL 50P - the products

fig. 2 - Chemical structure of Teupolioside

TEUPOL 10P and TEUPOL 50P are the ABR commercial names of the active ingredient Teupolioside titrated at 10% and 50% respectively, extracted and purified from Ajuga reptans suspension cell culture.
TEUPOL 10P and 50P are NOVEL FOOD authorized ingredients.

Teupolioside - biological effects

Teupolioside has shown a wide range of activities and it generally acts as an intinflammatory molecule. Moreover, Teupolioside is able to modulate testosterone-related disorders, like juvenile acne, and for the prevention of hair loss in androgenic alopecia.

Specific in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that Teupolioside has beneficial effects also on other pathologic conditions such as:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Crohn’s syndrome and other gastro-intestinal diseases
  • Microvasculature diseases

Scientific literature, pre-clinical and clinical data are freely available at ABR Reserved Area upon on-line registration.

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Manufactured under licensed technology from IRB S.p.A. – Altavilla Vicentina