ABR - Active Botanicals Research

Plants have always been an important source for human nutrition and a relevant reservoir for the preparation of therapeutic and health products. Nevertheless, plants availability is ever more limited by natural resources depletion and pollution and to ensure the safety and quality standards demanded by the market, biotechnologies represent the key solution for the production of novel natural food ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Company Profile

In an increasingly globalized market, where quality and service are the fundamentals to distinction, ABR remains faithful to its core values: working only at the highest standards combining innovation with grounded experience. Thanks to the outstanding and pioneering collaborations with top international research centres and accredited laboratories, ABR is committed to guarantee market high-end products dedicated to the human health with particular care to the natural environment preservation.

Since it was founded in 2009, ABR developed an industrial platform for the production of selected active ingredients obtained from suspension plant cell cultures. ABR focused its efforts in the continuous research of natural molecules for Nutraceutical and Nutricosmetic B2B markets. At the same time, ABR heavily invested on a second proprietary production platform for the preparation of fully active and very difficult-to-achieve human recombinant proteins for the Diagnostics and Pharmaceutics.