NATRISE Botanicals

Active botanical ingredients for B2B nutraceutical applications: Teupolioside, Verbascoside, Echinacoside.

NATRISE Botanicals

Active botanical ingredients for Nutraceutics

NATRISE® biotechnology, know-how and experience.

Through its NATRISE® biotechnology platform, ABR produces highly purified, standardised and concentrated Teupolioside, Verbascoside and Echinacoside for the nutraceutical industry.

The production of these active botanical ingredients with NATRISE® safeguards the original plants – respectively Ajuga reptans, Lippia citriodora and Echinacea angustifolia – as only a tiny portion of the actual plants are needed to start the cell lines.

The entire production process through which large quantities of cell mass can be produced takes place in a sterile, controlled environment where no fertilisers or pesticides are used.

The production of active botanical ingredients using NATRISE® is completely independent of season, climatic changes and the plants’ vegetative cycle.

Our active botanical ingredients - Teupolioside, Verbascoside and Echinacoside - are Novel Food certified ingredients.

Ajuga reptans extract rich in Teupolioside
Echinacea angustifolia extract rich in Echinacoside
Lippia citriodora extract rich in Verbascoside