Active botanical ingredients for B2B cosmetic applications

Plant cell suspension cultures.


Nature and production sustainability

NATRISE Cosmetics.

NATRISE Cosmetics is the line of active botanical ingredients dedicated to the world of cosmetics and produced by ABR with NATRISE® biotechnology. It results from a deep understanding of the biological properties of plant species and the strong link between nature, beauty, well-being and sustainability.

NATRISE Cosmetics
botanical active ingredients


NATRISE® Platform (plant cell suspension cultures)

Industry of application:

Intended for B2B cosmetic applications and formulations


Botanical actives produced with NATRISE® biotechnology respond to the growing demand, also in the cosmetics sector, for natural ingredients produced in a sustainable way.

Through the NATRISE® Platform, ABR produces standardised, safe and effective botanical active ingredients for the cosmetics world, produced by safeguarding the resources that nature provides.

The entire production process takes place in a sterile environment that excludes the use of contaminants. Only a small portion of the starting plant is needed to start production, and not the whole plant, which is thus preserved. Compared to traditional cultivation, moreover, NATRISE® production saves water, cultivated area and energy.

The active botanical ingredients for cosmetic applications produced by ABR are of high quality and their yield is constant throughout the year as it is not affected by changing factors such as the seasons, climatic phenomena or the vegetative cycle of the plant of origin. From a very small portion of a single plant, the NATRISE® Platform produces botanical actives in potentially unlimited quantities because the cell lines, amplified in bioreactors, can regenerate indefinitely and produce large quantities of cell mass.


Cosmetic ingredients

All cosmetic ingredients developed with NATRISE® biotechnology preserve the biological richness of the plants from which they are derived.

The Customised Solutions Service. In Cosmetics, innovation is essential to differentiate and meet the demands of an ever-changing market. At ABR, our aim is not just to be a supplier for our customers, we want to be the partner of choice for the achievement of their goals. For this reason, we put our experience, our plant species know-how and our NATRISE® Platform at your disposal.

With our NATRISE® biotechnology platform we develop ad hoc botanical active ingredients required by our customer, on an exclusive basis, which are the most appropriate for their cosmetic product and project.

With our NATRISE® biotechnology platform

We develop ad hoc botanical active ingredients required by our customer, on an exclusive basis, which are the most appropriate for their cosmetic product and project.

These are some of our ingredients for cosmetic applications and formulations:

Ingredient from Plantago lanceolata

Known as Plantain

It is used in cosmetic formulations for skin wellness and beauty, even the most delicate or easily irritated skin. It promotes skin hydration and protects it from the action of free radicals, performing a true anti-aging action. It is a valuable ally in the treatment of skin inflammations, due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

It is also capable of stimulating skin repair processes, and for this reason it can be useful in cases of small injuries, excoriations or insect bites.

Sensitive and delicate skin

Anti-ageing properties

Antioxidant properties

Anti-inflammatory properties

Ingredient from Ocimum basilicum

Known as Basil

It is an ingredient used in cosmetic applications and formulations because its dermopurifying and anti-inflammatory action helps restore skin balance. In fact, it is found in specific formulations for the treatment of impure or acne-prone skin and in products to combat the formation of dandruff.

It is also useful for combating the signs of ageing: it gives an anti-ageing effect by protecting the skin from the action of free radicals and environmental stresses and improves its appearance, radiance and elasticity.

Restoring skin balance

Anti-ageing properties

Anti pollution

Antioxidant properties

Anti-inflammatory properties