Inspired by nature, driven by biotechnology

Inspired by nature, we rely on biotechnology to develop active botanical ingredients.


Active botanical ingredients for Nutraceutics, Cosmetics and Customised solutions

Respect for the environment and people, quality and innovation are the core values on which ABR bases its biotechnology vocation.

ABR has developed a proprietary industrial system, the NATRISE® biotechnology platform, which, using plant cell suspension cultures, produces molecules for B2B applications in Nutraceutics and Cosmetics, dedicated to formulators and manufacturers of food supplements and cosmetic products.

In-depth knowledge of the biological properties of plant species, combined with constant scientific research, allows ABR to stand out from the crowd by producing botanical ingredients for nutraceutical and cosmetic use with high added value, produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Plant cell suspension culture using NATRISE® produces high-quality, standardised, high-yield active botanical ingredients in a fully controlled environment.

The NATRISE® production process safeguards natural resources.

Compared to traditional field cultivation methods, NATRISE® excludes the use of pesticides and fertilisers and saves large volumes of water, cultivatable surface area (which can then be used for food crops) and energy.

The production of active botanical ingredients with the NATRISE® Platform contributes to the preservation of plant species, including rare and endangered ones. With NATRISE®, in fact, no plant, whose availability is increasingly limited due to environmental depletion and pollution, is harvested and removed from the ecosystem, on the contrary, the production system regenerates itself spontaneously and indefinitely.

Active botanical ingredients from plant cell suspension cultures

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