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NATRISE® biotechnology for the production of unique secondary metabolites.


Plant cell suspension cultures for the production of secondary metabolites

We collaborate with our customers to bring their projects to life.

For our customers, we do not want to be just a supplier, we want to be the partner of choice for the development of their projects.

We put our advice and know-how about plant species and their biological properties at your disposal and, through the NATRISE® Platform, produce the secondary metabolites best suited to your project goals.

Depending on the type of application, we can offer individual polyphenols or combinations thereof, making use of the wide range of cell lines available in our Biobank, or we can produce exclusive secondary metabolites – for any field of application – developed specifically for the customer, who thus becomes the owner of the specially created cell line.

By choosing the active botanical ingredients produced by ABR with the NATRISE® biotechnology platform, you are helping preserve our planet's resources.

NATRISE® preserves natural ecosystems.

The NATRISE® production process takes place in a controlled, sterile environment that excludes the use of pesticides, fertilisers and contaminants in general.

NATRISE® preserves plant species.

The NATRISE® production process, requiring only a small portion of a single plant (leaf, root, etc.) to start the cell line, safeguards plant species.

NATRISE® preserves natural resources.

Compared to traditional cultivation methods, the NATRISE® production process saves high volumes of water, cultivated area and energy.

Production capacity

of cell biomass per day
of active botanical ingredient per day

With our NATRISE® biotechnology platform we develop ad hoc botanical active ingredients required by our customers, on an exclusive basis, which are the most appropriate for their products and projects.

We are able to provide botanical active ingredients with standardised content, high quality, safety and purity whose yield is constant throughout the year as it is not affected by changing factors such as the seasons, climatic phenomena or the vegetative cycle of the plant of origin.

From a very small portion of a single plant, the NATRISE® Platform produces botanical actives in potentially unlimited quantities because the cell lines, amplified in bioreactors, can regenerate indefinitely and produce large quantities of cell mass.


Customised solutions: production timeline

We collaborate with our customer at every stage of the production process, from research to development to production.