Complementary feed for dogs and cats

Nature for pets' wellbeing.


Complementary feed for dogs and cats based on plant ingredients

Formulation products composed of mixtures of products and by-products of plant origin.

NATRISE Pet is the line of complementary feed intended for the formulation of food supplements for dogs and cats developed by ABR’s Scientific Team with the aim of supporting pets’ wellbeing. We call these products “formulations” because each of them is composed of a mix of different raw materials chosen for their biological and functional properties. Ingredients that combine tradition and production innovation: they are, in fact, the combination of plant derivatives produced by ABR with the innovative NATRISE® biotechnology platform and traditional plant derivatives.

Functional ingredients for B2B applications in the pet sector

Application sector

B2B applications in the Pet sector. Intended for the formulation of food supplements for dogs and cats (e.g. tablets, powders, treats)


Supplied in powder form


Some of our functional ingredients for formulating complementary feeds for dogs and cats:

  • Gastro Pet supports digestive function and promotes normal gastric well-being;
  • Aging Pet helps to boost the animal’s antioxidant defences by counteracting the free radicals formed during ageing;
  • Tonik Pet is a stimulating and invigorating product with a regenerating effect on the body and muscle tone;
  • Relax Pet supports the normal tranquillity of the animal;
  • Immuno Pet helps stimulate and balance the immune system;
  • Hair Pet has a protective effect on the skin and stimulates hair growth and shine;
  • Artik Pet helps promote normal joint wellbeing.

Customized solutions service: 

Thanks to our extremely flexible production, high production capacity and know-how on plant products and by-products, we can develop customised complementary feeds according to the specific requirements of our customers, the most suitable for their pet product and project.